EDAR - Educational Drama Association in Romania - is a non-profit association aimed at bringing together lovers of art, literature and theatre, at promoting free, original thinking, creative writing, community pro-active attitudes and performing arts. EDAR supports projects addressing the community and hopes to develop and provide the resources for drama as an elective.

EDAR is a national association of English drama and an effective and efficient network for those who are addicted to drama activities and are aware of the highly educational component of these kinds of activities.

The Educational Drama Project in Romania is designed to:

  1. create an effective network of teachers interested in drama in schools
  2. organise teacher training and design materials for teachers and students
  3. encourage drama days and festivals for students who take part in drama classes or clubs
  4. encourage teachers and students to work with professional writers, actors and directors from both Romania and the UK
  5. develop cooperation with the Creative Writing Project
  6. organise drama camps for students.

The EDAR web site will be developed with your help. We need all your possible questions and suggestions. We are looking forward to your contribution at or in Contact page.