Supporting various cultural and educational initiatives such as editing news letters, publications on methodology and drama techniques.

Promoting original creative writing.

Promoting theatre in education.

Promoting drama in education both as an elective and as an extra-curricular activity.

Organizing youth camps, workshops, round tables, seminars, conferences, festivals for stdents, cultural exchanges, documentation trips at home and abroad. These activities are meant to discover, encourage, support and stimulate the artistic capacity of the youth, to permanently develop their critical thinking, their talent, in schools and highscools.

Introducing drama techniques in the teaching of foreign languages, at organising summer schools and training courses for both students and teachers.

Helping EDAR members to fully develop their personalities, to discover new ways of expressing their ideas, opinions, hopes and criticism, of making their voices heard and finally get better and more effective integrated into society.

Identifying and solving problems, at bridging cultural gaps and at bringing people closer together.